Capacity Conversations: GDPR Solutions & a Slice

On Thursday 22nd March, Capacity hosted GDPR: Solutions and a Slice; an informal gathering for charities and community organisations struggling to get to grips with the new requirements around data protection.

The event offered attendees the opportunity to speak directly with GDPR experts and technical advisors to get their questions answered - all with a slice of pizza in hand.

Rory Breen, Founder of Cyber Securities UK

Launch22, a charity that offers Membership for start-ups and small businesses (including access to a co-working space, business support and mentoring), was the venue of choice.

The dynamic, industrial event space proved a clear hit with attendees and provided the first speaker, Rory Breen, with the perfect setting to kick off the event. Rory, founder of Cyber Securities UK, opened the discussion with an overview of the new Regulation, highlighting two key areas: Risk and Privacy.

* Identify which organisational tasks pose a high risk to data security

* Implement privacy policies that transparently communicate how you process and store data

*Consider implementing existing cyber security frameworks (CyberEssentials and IASME) to help become GDPR compliant

Guests taking notes

Stephanie Hannan from Options for Supported Living then shared her experiences of implementing a GDPR Readiness Strategy for a charity that has over 300 staff. Options’ goal is to empower people with disabilities and ensure they are valued and supported by the communities they live in. Stephanie’s task of making their wealth of personal client and staff data GDPR compliant was she joked, “overwhelming” and had been exacerbated by the amount of conflicting information about GDPR she had found available online.

From creating a project plan that prioritised urgent tasks to be completed before 25th May deadline, to introducing fun competitions in the office that encourage colleagues to consider their personal responsibility for GDPR (spot a computer screen left unlocked = one point), she admits it will be a long process, but one that is certainly manageable. Capacity’s Gap Analysis Workshop and Data Protection Officer training also helped Stephanie formulate her Readiness Strategy. She spoke highly of the programme which had enabled her to learn alongside delegates from local organisations in the same sector, which reminded her that she is not alone and that compliance is achievable.

After the speakers had finished there was an opportunity to network, grab a slice of pizza, and discuss GDPR further.

What both speakers made clear is that GDPR is an organisation-wide issue that needs buy in from every department, but most importantly from Management. Organisations should see GDPR as an opportunity to build trust and confidence in their client base by entrusting that appropriate security measures have been implemented to protect the data they hold.

Capacity’s next GDPR Awareness & Gap Analysis Workshop, will take place on 20th April.

E-mail to reserve your space.

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