Capacity to support Wirral Council in full re-design of Early Help Services

Wirral Council is commissioning Capacity: The Public Services Lab to lead their Community Matters project, which will see an entire re-design of Early Help Services in the borough.

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Capacity will explore how the Collective Impact model can bring together stakeholders to achieve social change. It involves all agencies active in a community working together towards a common goal which can radically improve outcomes for local people. 

Michelle Corrigan, Director of System and Service Design said:

This is a really exciting opportunity to rethink how we support families in Wirral at the very first sign of need. I believe many of the solutions to providing support already exist in Wirral’s communities and it is up to us to figure out how we join these up and make them accessible to people where and when they need them.

Elizabeth Hartley, Assistant Director Early Help and Prevention, said:

It’s our ambition to make Wirral great for children, young people and families. Having a vibrant and accessible Early Help offer is key to realising that ambition. We are really excited to be working with Capacity and all of our partners, stakeholders and families on this important project.

Early Help means taking action to support a child, young person or their family as soon as a problem emerges. It can be required at any stage in a child’s life, from pre-birth to early adulthood, and applies to any problem or need that the family can’t deal with alone.

To help execute this model, Wirral Council has also commissioned Home-Start Wirral, Women’s Enterprising Breakthrough (WEB), Fender Primary School, CARITAS and Wired, which will ensure a collaborative model remains a core basis of the project.

Furthermore, Capacity has recruited Natalie Mansfield as Project Manager, whose previous experience includes working with young people and children across Lancashire.

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