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Head of Homes

Children’s Residential Home

About the role

We are on the lookout for a Head of Homes to lead Capacity’s newest project – Juno. 

We will open our first home in Summer 2021, and we want you on the team as we get ready to press ‘go’.  

Place of work

Liverpool City Region

Job Terms

Full time permanent




  • You believe in equality and that no one is better than anyone else – that children have the right to be treated respectfully as equals by the adults around them. You’re always showing this in your day job and beyond.

  •  You truly understand that care is a ‘doing word’ and that the change we want to make at Juno relies on working with, not doing to, people. 

  • You see and understand what’s not working within the current care system and you’re motivated to support every person and Juno (young person or adult) thrive. You’ll been absolutely bought into the practice of social pedagogy and constantly checking in with these principles. 

  • You have a strong track record delivering top-notch care for children in previous positions. 

  •  You push for creativity and make ‘doing things differently and better’ the norm for Juno at this challenging time. You’re positive, you know COVID won’t last forever and therefore you’ll spend time getting ready for the long-term work we need to do at Juno. 


  • You’re a people person and want to work with others and build strong relationships with them. You’ll feel excited at working across-different sectors with lots of different people (with loads of different backgrounds) and organisations including Local Authorities, local VCSE organisations and national care partners.

  • You are reflective, you’re always learning, and you know that no-one is the ‘finished article’. You’re able to use this perspective to keep calm with things feel challenging. 

  • You’re a great leader, with splendid planning, people and supervision skills. You use these to create a safe environment and a real learning culture. 

  • You’re very organised (‘a place for everything’ and all that), hard-working and flexible but you always know the needs of the children and young people come first. 

  • You’re brilliant communicator, able to inspire people to change their behaviour and approach depending on the situation they are in and who they are speaking to. 

  • You’re very good at (and motivated by) solving difficult problems; you won’t wait to be asked and remain strong and positive when things get tough. 

Apply today!

Application closes 5pm Friday 29th January.


Please refer to the Job Specification for more details on applying. 

Get in touch by:

0151 305 104