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Catalyst Choices

Adults' | Warrington, Cheshire

Catalyst Choices CIC is an employee-owned social enterprise that provides a broad range of care and community services for older adults and adults with learning disabilities, including supported housing, shared lives and physical activities. Their focus on person-centred care means that every client receives a tailored service, and is treated  individually with dignity and care. 



Catalyst Choices wanted to develop, strengthen and continuously improve their services and is working with Capacity to review their current service offer, staffing approach and to develop a future growth plan. This includes securing a contract extension with Warrington Borough Council for the provision of adult services, as well as the development of further sites in the Warrington area. 

[Capacity is] our extended leadership team… This is a partnership.” 

“When you’re at the top of an organisation it can be difficult; sometimes you need validation that you’re not going mad. Others might get that from their Board; I get that from […] Capacity.”

I expect that when I have a conversation with Phil [Hill, Director of Transformation at Capacity], a few days later he’ll come back saying,I know someone who can help you with that.’

David Osborne
Managing Director, Catalyst Choices CIC



In response to these challenges, Capacity supported Catalyst Choices by 

  • Developing a business case to present to Warrington Borough Council to support the contract renegotiation
  • Reviewing and redesigning internal infrastructure and operational procedures
  • Developing a sustainable pension model. 


  • Contract extension with Warrington Borough Council worth £16 million
  • Reduced Head Office costs by 14% 

Read more in our 2019 Impact Report.

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