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Our communities know things we don't. How 500 residents in South Liverpool are helping us make better decisions about local services

Health | 18 September 2019

Thanks to generous support from The National Lottery Community Fund, today we are delighted to publish the South Liverpool Community Lab report, which details the insights that residents of South Liverpool have shared about their health and wellbeing. The report, which has been nearly a year in the making, has seen Capacity’s Community Engagement team engage with 500 people across South Liverpool on the topics of mental health and money management to physical health and community attitudes.

Whilst the results are mostly unsurprising, it is the first time we have conclusive evidence through large scale consultation in the south of Liverpool.

Our key findings include:

  • The factors that impacted mental health most positively, across all age groups and genders, were feeling safe, physical health and regular, meaningful activity.
  • Over 65s were the age group with highest self-reported mental health scores.
  • There was a significant, positive relationship between satisfaction with the participant’s ability to manage money and age.
  • Level of understanding and knowledge of digital technology did not vary with age nor gender.
  • Community attitudes varied between age groups, with older respondents expressing less satisfaction towards their local community.
  • The mean (average) score across all participants, regardless of age or gender, for feeling safe in their local area was 8.47/10.

As well as these findings, we also now understand that regular, persistent engagement is critical to ensuring that residents can access regular, meaningful activity.

Whilst we haven’t drafted a series of silver bullets to revolutionise the way we work in South Liverpool, completing this piece of work has shown the hunger and desire across sectors and communities to come together and help each other solve this problem.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about our findings. If you’d like to get in touch, please contact our Development Manager, Emma Lord at

To read the full report, please see the links below.

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